Architectural Features Design and Manufacturing

Nomad Inception is a boutique design studio with a twist: we run our own factory to bring our designs to life. Our strength lies in the synergies resulting from combining our wild creative side with our strong technical background developing solutions, manufacturing products and building bespoke features.

Dream >> Design >> Build

Sharing dreams

People come to us with a dream. We listen and help develop a concept. Through creative design, we explore ideas to implement it. Once our drawings match the grandness of the dream we are ready to bring the concept to the physical realm.

Bespoke & Unique

Architectural features

We are driven by passion for design and share every architect’s dream to make of our world a better place to live in. We love designing and creating those unique features that will make a project stand out. It is our specialty.

Creative + Technical = Holistic


We have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes involving all sorts of materials. We approach design with an eye put on manufacturing. This double-sided expertise allows us to design with a certain budget in mind, guaranteeing that what we design shall be produced within budget.

Arabic Art Boutique

Nomad Inception is a boutique specializing in fine architectural products inspired by Arabic art; a company led by an international team of designers, artists, scientists and technologists that share the passion for Islamic geometric design and floral arabesques.

Wood floors, medallions, table tops


We produce fine parquetry for wood floors, wood flooring medallions, table tops, doors and more. Our expertise in Islamic geometric patterns enable us to further improve on hundreds of years' worth of tradition with our own contemporary design twists...

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Carved doors, panels, mashrabiyah

Wood Art

Wood carvings for doors, wall and ceiling panels, mashrabiyas and all sort of decorative wood works are crafted in our workshop from the exquisite designs coming from the drawing boards of celebrated international artists...

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Architectural Ornaments & Art Pieces

Gypsum Art

Gypsum plaster is a noble natural material ideally suited for producing the most beautiful ornaments, both for interiors and exteriors. We draw inspiration from nature and the universe to produce floral and geometric gypsum ornaments...

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Islamic Design Consultancy

We also run a highly specialized design consultancy producing traditional and contemporary ornaments. Either working with the client directly or helping architects and designers implement iconic features of Islamic architecture, Nomad Inception offers integral design and manufacturing solutions and brings Islamic decorative arts to modern architectural projects.

Ornamental Design & Fit Out

Interior Design

Islamic geometric patterns and floral arabesques are the heart and soul of Islamic ornamental arts. We can help you give a subtle oriental touch or a full-on Arabic theme to your interiors on all sorts of settings, be it residential, hospitality or commercial...

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Ornamental Façade Design

Exterior Design

Our technological approach to designing and manufacturing geometric patterns and floral arabesques enable us to devise unique ways to implement these iconic features of Islamic art in building façades and major architecture and engineering projects...

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Public Spaces & Landscapes

Civic Art

Public spaces are a great opportunities for cities to show off the grandness of their heritage and local culture. We use geometric patterns as the base for the layout of parks, yards, squares and open spaces in general, a novel approach to bringing art to the landscape.

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A technological approach to Islamic Patterns & Floral Arabesques

Geometric patterns and floral arabesques along with calligraphy are the pillars of Islamic decorative arts. At Nomad Inception, we strive to advance these forms of art by introducing modern technology to the design and fabrication process. This technological approach enables us to make the art form available everywhere in the world in the form of ready-to-install fine architectural products.

Geometric Patterns

Islamic geometric patterns relate to the crystallographic mineral domain in nature. A number of polygons are tessellated forming motifs that use symmetry to cover an ideally infinite surface. We create original designs several orders of magnitude larger than the ones possible until now, respecting every rule of the age-old art form.


Interlace embellishments are infinite lines that run along the sides of each shape of the motif abiding by one particular rule: each line must travel alternately above and below each line crossed, adding an even greater degree of complexity. We master this and other traditional embellishment techniques.

Floral Arabesques

They are an idealized vision of the vegetal realm in nature, showing vines, leafs and floral motifs that not necessarily resemble their natural equivalents. There are a number of styles and techniques and the legacy of ancient artisans and craftsmen is vast. We design drawing inspiration from styles originating in different periods and places as well as modern and contemporary floral styles.

Combined Motifs

The richest and most colorful designs are the ones involving a crossover of Islamic geometric design and floral arabesques. They can be combined in several ways, and even on interlaced designs. We design combined motifs with the same qualities as we do geometric and floral designs.