Board of Advisors

In our day and age, running a business that combines millenary arts, science, crafts traditions, modern technology and a unique approach to product design requires mastering several vast fields of expertise. At Nomad Inception we have been lucky enough to surround ourselves with the best of the best.

Science, History and Arts Committee

Rima al-Ajlouni

Professor Rima al-Ajlouni, Ph.D.

Dr. Rima Ajlouni is an associate professor in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University. Her research investigates Islamic geometry and the use of computation and pattern recognition in Architecture and Heritage Preservation.

She is the author of "Digital Pattern Recognition in Heritage Recording" as well as the author of numerous papers on Islamic Geometry published in scientific and technical journals inside and outside her field.

Her involvement in many high profile international projects has earned her worldwide recognition. Her unique work in the reconstruction of the "Minbar of Saladin" in Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was published in the book "The Minbar of Saladin" edited by Lynette Singer, and the documentary film "Stairway to Heaven: Reconstructing the Minbar of Saladin".

Dr. Ajlouni's unique experience and knowledge of Islamic Geometry has enabled her to play a major role in resolving the mathematical mystery of quasi-crystalline symmetries. Her latest discoveries, published in Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundation for Crystallography, and in Aperiodic Crystals, have been recognized as a major contribution to the understanding of quasi-crystalline formations; providing a unique example of how ancient Islamic patterns can inform the understanding of some basic theories in modern science.

She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan and a Ph.D. in Architecture from Texas A&M University. Dr. Rima Al Ajlouni is the recipient of ARCC's New Researcher Award for her interdisciplinary breakthrough.


Miroslaw Majewski

Professor Miroslaw Majewski, Ph.D.

Born in Poland, educated in mathematics. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in non-classical geometries. Professor of mathematics and computer science in a number of universities - PNG University of Technology, Inter-University of Macau, Zayed University and New York Institute of Technology in United Arab Emirates.

Author of a number of papers and books in computer graphics, applications of computers in education, and geometry of art and architecture. Some recent papers and books are related to the geometric Islamic art and history of medieval Islamic mathematics.

His book "Islamic Geometric Ornament in Istanbul" shows detailed geometric constructions of many Islamic ornaments that can be seen in Istanbul. His new series of books "Sketches on geometry and art" is a systematic overview of various geometric ideas embedded in ancient as well as in modern architecture and architectural decorations.