How We Do It

We not only produce beautiful Islamic geometric and floral designs but use our information technology expertise to produce designs programmatically. Computational design provides us with a mathematical understanding of each of the hundreds of thousands of polygons in a large geometric composition, as well as an understanding of their relation with each other and the 3D space. This enables us to manipulate our creations to fit any particular architectural or engineering design element that needs to articulate with the geometric composition.

In other words, we produce conceptual designs and interact with our clients' creative teams to find the most attractive and creative ways to display our art in the overall design.

We later work closely with the technical teams, during the design development and working drawings phases, to help them find the proper arrangements of the nuts and bolts that will be needed to build our part of the work. Our goal is to solve every issue arising from working with such massive and intricate designs, so that the new complexity doesn't add too much to the already monumental task of building.

At this stage we put all our computer science expertise at the service of the technical team, so that every repetitive task is fully automated. This means architects and engineers only need to work with a small sample of pieces, no matter how massive the design may be, because once their properties, parameters and overall characteristics are determined, the resulting data is extrapolated to the rest of the pieces in the design algorithmically.

For our clients, working with massive geometric designs shouldn't be much more complicated than working with smaller ordinary patterns.

Computational Design of Islamic Patterns and Floral Arabesques

The technical work is done in whichever CAD or BIM platform the client works with. Furthermore, we can integrate with any other system or framework you may need us to work with. That is what we do. We develop the solutions to integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Moreover, we can work either with your technical team, with a third party under contract with you, or we can use one of our partner BIM consultant firms should you prefer a complete documented solution of our part of the work.

All in all, you can see us as a creative unit within your team that will help you incorporate beautiful patterns during the conceptual design phase, but also as a computational design technical unit with a profound knowledge of the geometric and mathematical secrets behind Islamic patterns. Our expertise guarantees you will be able to develop the engineering solutions to finally fabricate and install the pieces.

Finally, the same technical expertise is readily available to the contractor and all the people behind the actual fabrication and construction of the work, to ensure that every issue is resolved in the most efficient and cost effective way. We have in-house-developed technological solutions to produce CAM operations programs directly from within our work environment, in order to supply the contractor with ready-to-cut files, accompanied by computer-enerated step by steps instructions on how to assemble the puzzle.

Our 'no-loose-end' production-oriented approach to design guarantees that our creations are feasible to execute, with existing technology, anywhere in the world, by any qualified team of professionals.