Luis and Julian Molina have over 30 years of combined experience in industries related to technology, design and the visual arts. They both get involved hands on in the design process as well as the conceptual and aesthetic aspects of the creations.

Founding Partners

Luis Molina, Co-founder

Luis Molina, Co founder

Luis is an IT specialist, with a background in physics, who previously designed mission-critical systems for banks and the financial sector. A software architect at heart, he now specializes in CAD scripting languages and drives the development of computational design tools and interface technologies, while leading the multiple research programs that have become the core of our solutions.

Julian Molina, Co-founder

Julian Molina, Co founder

Julian was nourished by many visual, artistic and technological specialties such as architectural visualization, motion graphics and design, and more recently has put to good use his engineering background specializing in modern manufacturing systems. He developed the company's experimental workshop and conducts research on several applications related to the way the firm's designs are implemented.

Diego Javier Carranza, Co founder

Diego Javier Carranza, Co founder

While having a background in electrical engineering, Diego specializes in Community Management with a focus in image and politics.

Lan Tschirky, Partner

Lan Tschirky, Partner

Born in Vietnam and living in Europe, Lan Tschirky is a university graduate in mathematics, a music producer, and is currently studying Fashion Design in the world's leading Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London. Lan brings an interesting mix of cultures and unique artistic vision to the company.