Who We Are

Nomad Inception fuels from the entrepreneurial vision and the multiple passions of brothers Luis and Julian Molina, and Diego Javier Carranza. The amalgamation of their lifetime experiences in design, visual arts, physics and computer sciences, along with their fascination for Islamic architecture – and for Islamic geometric design in particular – lead them to a research and development project that climaxed in grasping the secrets behind the ancient art form and the programming of a set of design tools that assist in the creation of a new generation of Islamic geometric patterns.

The technology developed allows the firm to produce the largest non-periodic Islamic geometric compositions ever created, respecting every rule of the age-old art form. The achievement represents a breakthrough as the art form had remained unchanged for centuries due to the immense complexity involved in arranging large compositions.

But the founders' vision does not end just there. What good could the largest Islamic geometric patterns in the world be if no one can actually build them?

The technological platform grows in multiple directions to ensure the firms' creations can be executed in various architectural applications, with minimal complexity added to the already monumental task of building. While certain algorithms generate these huge compositions with every sort of traditional embellishment techniques such as interlacing or double star lines, other computer programs dissect them into pieces, rendering each piece as a unique identity and leaving it ready for the action of other programs, either to be nested and fed to Computer Aided Machining (CAM) systems or to be imported into any CAD or BIM platforms for development into 3D architectural elements by architects and engineers.

Bringing Islamic Art to the World

We are entrepreneurs with a revolutionary idea. We launched ourselves into the quest to bring Islamic art to the world. What is revolutionary about our idea is the strategy to achieve such ambitious goal: we serialize the production of exquisite designer creations to fabricate architectural products, readily available to ship and install anywhere in the world.

Non-repetitive patterns counting hundreds of thousands of polygonal pieces can be extremely complex to draw, let alone fabricate. We have developed proprietary technology that allows us to handle this complexity in the most efficient possible way at all points in the design/build process. Our technological approach to Arabic patterns is what lets us dream about spreading the art form all over the world. It is only by serializing the fabrication of design pieces that people will be able to enjoy Arabic style floors, wall coverings, ceilings or windows in their own home, anywhere in the world.

However, the serialization of such a cherished form of art should never lead to its trivialization. It is essential that the fundamentals of the artistic expression are not only maintained but even elevated. For this reason, we work with renowned designers that add to our own creations, and leave the sensitive bits of the fabrication process to skillful craftspeople. Islamic patterns have for centuries been the domain of talented craftsmen who have passed on their skills and wisdom through generations. In this day and age, the art form is progressing to incorporate state-of-the-art technology allowing robotic machinery to take on the repetitive - automatable - tasks, freeing up craftspeople and allowing them to concentrate on the details that imprint the legacy of their ancestors onto the final piece.