Jean-Marc Castera

Jean-Marc Castera, Author & Geometric Artist

Jean-Marc Castera, Author & Geometric Artist

A gifted artist with a background in mathematics, Jean-Marc Castera is an established expert in Islamic Geometric Art. After his degree in Mathematics Jean-Marc launched an experimental course at Paris-8 University, exploring the connections in mathematics and arts, and started working on geometric arabesques.

By that time there was little material on the topic. He worked for years and published the results of that work in two books: Arabesques. Decorative Art in Morocco (1999) and Géométrie douce: art géométrique arabo-andalou, along with many papers on the subject.

Since 2006 he has been working on several architectural projects, a perfect opportunity to experiment ideas and further evolution of the art. His works can be seen in places such as the new Central Market or Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, in Abu Dhabi.

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