Contemporary Design

Nomad Inception started out as a research project on geometric patterns in Islamic art. However, it wasn’t long until clients started asking our design team to help in projects involving modern and contemporary design trends. The truth is our start as an Islamic design consultancy allowed us to amass a wealth of knowledge about complex geometry, proportions and space – notions that are certainly applicable to contemporary design.

Moreover, developing our line of parquetry and gypsum products inspired in geometric patterns and floral arabesques contributed an invaluable skill-set for developing solutions to complex issues. After all, Islamic patterns and floral arabesques are probably the most complex forms of art concerning symmetries, geometry and patterns. Our parquet floors – for example – are one of the most elaborate in the industry. Worldwide.

Production-oriented Design

Our strength lies in the fact that we are both a creative design studio and manufacturers at the same time. Our design team has direct access to the factory and we are all very well versed in manufacturing processes and modern fabrication methods. When we sit at the drawing board, half of our brain is concerned with the client’s vision, aesthetics and beauty. The remaining half is concerned with the technical issues involved in bringing our creations to the physical world.

Such close interaction between the creative process and the technical process is an invaluable asset while working on complex, original or innovative concepts. We call this interaction a production-oriented approach to design. This approach allows us to design with a manufacturing budget in mind. We tweak our designs to maximize the yield of materials, minimizing waste. We evaluate design choices and their potential to make manufacturing easier, faster and more efficient. We incorporate engineering solutions that will streamline installation and shorten contracting time.

Our approach to design has a huge impact on every project. It allows the client to be certain that what we design is going to be built exactly as conceived and most importantly, within the defined budget.