Molecule Restaurant Lounge & Gallery

Molecule is a boutique F&B located in Dubai Design District. Our scope of work involved concept development, artistic design, design development and manufacturing of the three main interior features: flooring, ceiling and main wall.

Multicolored gypsum 3D geometric wall

Wavy 3D ceiling

Hint at the geometric wooden floor

We chose to feature this project because Molecule illustrates well our production-oriented approach to design. The client had a specific budget allocated to these three architectural features and our mission was to bring to life the client’s vision at a very specific cost. Because we handle the entire process in-house (from the first few sketches, to the final developed design; from the first few prototypes to the manufacturing of the products) we are able to guarantee that our design proposals shall be built within the agreed budget.

Enjoy the images here and follow the links in the menu to learn how we did it!