Wall Art

Ansonia Concepts' idea for the back wall involved a geometric print in shades of blue with splashes of warm colours in combination with the colour pallet chosen for the furniture fabrics (orange, red and yellow).

We proposed creating a 3D wall and the material of choice was our own custom-design pigmented gypsum. The material offers fantastic insulation and fire resistance credentials, subtle colour variations throughout the mix and an assortment of possible finishes.

The wall artwork with its complex geometry (based on the original flooring pattern), deep blue dominant colour and splashes of light in the form of red, orange and yellow polygons is a reference to the universe and cosmos in particular – the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system (Fig.06-A). The third dimension in the wall results from elevating segments or edges from the otherwise flat geometry (Fig.06-B). Projected shadows from natural exterior light and interior lightning play a role in enhancing the textured effect. The result is a dramatic contrast of sharp 3D shapes smoothened by the deep dark blue dominating the composition (Fig.06-C).

2D geometric wall illustration

Fig.06-A – 2D geometric wall illustration

Creating the third dimension

Fig.06-B – Creating the third dimension

3D geometric wall illustration

Fig.06-C – 3D geometric wall illustration

Manufacturing combines traditional and modern fabrication techniques. 3D models are designed on CAD software (Fig.07-A) and prototypes are produced using CNC technology (Fig.07-B). Finally, 3D gypsum panels are casted using traditional methods (Fig.07-C).

3D model of rhombic wall panels

Fig.07-A – 3D model of rhombic wall panels

CNC carving of molds

Fig.07-B – CNC carving of molds

Casting 3D gypsum wall panels

Fig.07-C – Casting 3D gypsum wall panels