Gypsum Art

Gypsum Art

Our plaster shop specializes in producing the finest carved decorative panels and ornamental architectural elements, feeding from the exquisite designs coming from the studio.

We develop products arranged in style collections, counting floral and geometric designs. Collections are organized by artistic styles such as Moroccan, Turkish, Syrian, Indian or Persian. Each collection offers a range of decorative elements like cornices, corbels, ceiling panels and medallions, arches, columns capitals and crowns, windows and doors frames, friezes and so on – all responding to a common design language characteristic of the particular collection.

In addition to the traditional collections, Nomad Inception is also producing unique wall coverings based on contemporary decoration ideas. Our 3D Gypsum Walls are a 3D interpretation of geometric patterns that bring a new dimension to walls. By creating a raised relief arranged in geometric patterns, the wall comes to life and interacts with light and shadow in exceptional ways.

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