Exterior Design

Watch this short clip to learn how we incorporate Islamic geometric patterns in you exterior designs and tower façades.


The strong points of our Islamic Exterior Design consultancy

We will help your firm stand out from the competition by giving an iconic Islamic character to your project's exteriors. Your next commercial tower, hospitality, retail or residential development could project a subtle Islamic aura or show off a grandiose Islamic spirit. With our help, your firm will be able to:

Incorporate original and unique designs, using huge compositions to cover a façade without repeating motifs or obvious patterns, bringing out the grandness and the complexity of the work.

Design without restrictions knowing that a faithful and accurate implementation is guaranteed, as we have the solutions to produce industry-standard engineering drawings and documentation of every part we design, no matter how complex or intricate they might be.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art technological platform to control Islamic design elements programmatically, allowing to effortlessly incorporate design elements such as lightning, materials combinations or structural components and manipulate them in real-time to achieve the best possible results.


Exterior Design service

Our consultancy integrates a comprehensive set of services centered in our capacity to programmatically produce and control original Islamic geometric designs. We cover all areas in which our client may require assistance, from design, drawings and documentation, to the visualization of the project. In particular, we offer the following specific services: