Interior Design

Watch this five-minutes clip to learn how we can empower your existing competency in designing interiors for projects with an Islamic inspiration.


The strong points of our Islamic Interior Design consultancy

We will help your firm stand out from the competition by articulating unique decorative elements into your Islamic inspired projects in highly innovative ways. We can either create a subtle Islamic atmosphere or give a full-on grandiose Islamic character to your interiors. With our help, your firm will be able to:

Incorporate original and unique designs, rather than copy the motifs of old creations.

Design interiors of large spaces using huge compositions, without repeating motifs or obvious patterns, bringing out the grandness and the complexity of the work.

Design without restrictions knowing that a faithful and accurate implementation is guaranteed, as we have the solutions to manufacture and install every piece we design, no matter how complex or intricate they might be.

Design floors, decoration for walls, columns, windows or any other architectural element, functional or structural, manipulating the decorative elements directly within the 3D architectural models of the building to achieve a harmonious integration and articulation with the surroundings.

Design with the same variety of materials available for any other work, without limiting yourself to traditional Islamic uses. For example, floors, wall finishes, wood, ceramic, marble, hard and soft metals, acrylics, glass, plaster, brick, stone, various synthetic materials, etc.


Interior Design service

Our consultancy is a comprehensive and holistic service that encompasses all areas in which our client may require assistance, from design, blueprint and documentation, to the manufacturing or production of design pieces, always centered on Islamic geometric and floral design. In particular, we offer the following specific services: