Islamic decor in modern architecture

Islamic decor in modern Arab architecture or Arabic themed projects

Nomad Inception specializes in Islamic geometric and floral design, the key axes of Islamic decorative art. We have developed a production-oriented design capacity that allows us to manufacture Arabic decorative pieces based on Islamic geometric patterns and floral arabesques. Our products ship worldwide and can be installed by any contractor.

We started by developing a powerful technological platform that assist us in the creation of complex designs. Our computer systems help us create Islamic designs respecting every rule of the age old art form.

Our in-depth understanding of the designs' geometry in combination with our IT systems' unlimited calculation capacity allows us to generate original designs several orders of magnitude larger than traditional designs, covering extensive areas without the need to repeat geometric patterns, a one-of-a-kind solution in the world.

CSS TemplateFully decorated Moroccan Riad

CSS TemplateFully decorated Moroccan Riad

Islamic geometric design on stained glass panelsIslamic geometric design on stained glass panels

Islamic geometric design with interlaces on a hardwood floorIslamic geometric design with interlaces on a hardwood floor

CSS TemplateMoroccan Riad in evening lightning

CSS TemplateMoroccan Riad in evening lightning

With our solution, designers are able to incorporate Islamic decorative ideas to the full range of architectonic elements of a building and directly integrate them into three-dimensional architectonic models, transforming an environment into a spatial work of art, where Arabic decorative elements articulate with the building's structural and functional elements, and all of this accompanied by the appropriate documentation, adherent to international standards of blueprint and visualization presentation, seamlessly integrated into the project's natural workflow.

In view of ensuring the viable and correct implementation of these kinds of works, which may involve hundreds of thousands of pieces or highly complex and elaborate designs, we orient the design and presentation process towards modern industrial production methods, in which the pieces and motifs are cut and sized using computer-aided machining systems.

We have in-depth knowledge of the industrial processes required for the cutting and sizing of Islamic ceramic tiles, marble, glass, metals, plaster, wood and other materials using robotic systems, and thus create the essential point of contact between the stages of design and those of production.

We produce our own cutting files and detailed specifications, allowing us to incorporate these designs into innovative contexts, such as hardwood floors or stained-glass panels. Indeed, our company is endowed with its own shops for the manufacture of each and every one of the art pieces we design, a crucial feature.

Our consultancy offers a complete solution to empower architectural and interior design firms' existing competency in designing decorative elements for projects with an Islamic inspiration. We become a part of their working team from the very beginning of the design phase of each project.

In this way, we are able to advise architects and designers, showing them how and to what extent they can incorporate Islamic geometric and floral decorative elements into each and every facet of the project, and also work alongside from the drawing board and computer, creating original designs and enriching those of the rest of the team.

Watch this video to learn about our technology and the fabrication processes that allow us to design and implement modern Islamic decoration the world over.