Public Spaces

Watch this 2 minutes clip to learn about a design concept that will allow your company to design unique public spaces using Islamic geometric patterns.


The strong points of our Public Spaces Design consultancy

We will help your firm incorporate Islamic geometric designs as the foundation for the layout of parks, plazas, markets or any other public space, in a contemporary mix of Islamic architecture worth of the most emblematic locations. With our help, your firm will be able to:

Incorporate original and unique designs, rather than copy the motifs of old creations.

Create huge geometric designs, with or without repetition of patterns, to cover extensive areas.

Articulate architectural and landscaping elements as well as urban furniture within the geometric design layout.

Control the design programmatically in order to solve engineering issues such as illumination, geometric distribution of furniture or landscaping elements.


Specific services in our consultancy

Our consultancy is a comprehensive and holistic service that encompasses all areas in which our client may require assistance, from design, blueprint and documentation, to the manufacturing or production of design pieces, always centered on Islamic geometric and floral design. In particular, we offer the following specific services: