Ornamental Design

Ornamental Design

Ornamental Design in Moroccan, Turkish, Syrian, Indian and Persian Styles

We are lucky enough to have partnered with the most renowned experts in Islamic Ornamental Design, amassing an incredible amount of experience. Our Design Team becomes an invaluable asset in projects that require specific styles of design from different eras and design trends.

The strong points of our Ornamental Design consultancy

Our Islamic Ornamental Design Consultancy is a comprehensive and holistic service. We have a production-oriented approach to designing ornaments, meaning that we have a deep understanding of both traditional and modern manufacturing processes. This allows us to guarantee that ornaments will be manufactured exactly as designed. The client can count with our assistance at all stages of design and implementation, inclusive of the manufacturing or production process, all the way to the installation.

The ornamental design shall consider a number of materials and manufacturing techniques including but not limited to gypsum carving and casting in low and high relief, embedded metal, glass mosaics, stained glass, wood carvings, wood parquetry, joinery, stone slabs, cut-tile mosaic, ceramic or stone paving.

Deliverables may include — depending on the particular surface or area — schematic drawings, a collection of concepts, evaluation of the concepts, sketches, CAD drawings, renderings, photographs or illustrations.

We work both on exterior and interior surfaces.