Al Andalus LTD3


Al Andalus LTD3 design wooden parquetry flooring featuring a walnut central star, iroko background, iroko, soft maple, walnut foreground and iroko interlacing lines.
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Al Andalus LTD3 (Pattern Design by Molina Brothers)

Lines: iroko

Background: iroko

Foreground: iroko, soft maple, walnut

This Al Andalus design wood parquet tiles creation is a slick combination of three wood species, featuring interlace embellishments in iroko, and iroko in the background — a gentle composition that hides the complexity of the pattern to the casual viewer only to stun the observer once it takes a closer look. The selection of hardwoods present in the rest of the rings coloring the geometric pattern (iroko, soft maple, walnut) give our artistic wood parquetry tiles a strong character, young looks and bold personality. The coloring choices made for this Al Andalus artistic wooden parquetry tiles bring harmony to the living environment, becoming a great choice for modern spaces.

Al Andalus is a complex and intricate Islamic pattern featuring a 24-pointed central star and impressive interlace embellishment, designed by the Molina brothers. Nomad Inception's Islamic patterns are not copies of drawings taken from some website. They are the creation of recognized experts in the field insuring our works respect every rule of the ancient Islamic patterns art form.

Technical Specs

Additional Info

Edition LTD
Construction Engineering
Overall Thickness 22 mm
Face Wood Thickness 4 mm
Backing Layer Thickness 18 mm
Finish on Face Wood Unfinished
Unit of Measurement m2
Interlace Lines iroko
Background iroko
Pallet 00 Species walnut
Pallet 01 Species iroko
Pallet 02 Species walnut
Pallet 03 Species iroko
Pallet 04 Species iroko
Pallet 05 Species iroko
Pallet 06 Species iroko
Pallet 07 Species iroko
Pallet 08 Species iroko
Pallet 09 Species iroko
Pallet 10 Species soft maple
Pallet 11 Species iroko
Pallet 12 Species iroko


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