About Nomad Parquetry

Who We Are

We are a boutique specializing in fine architectural products inspired in Islamic art; a UAE-based company led by an international team of designers, artists, scientists and technologists that share the passion for geometric design.

Where We Are

We have established our headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates. By producing our hardwood floors in the heart of the Arab world we are true to the roots of the art form that comprises our body of work.

What We Do

We produce fine artistic parquet with the most intricate geometric patterns, respecting the rules of the traditional art form.

How We Do It

We combine a deep understanding of geometric patterns with modern design and fabrication technology along with traditional artistry. Put in simpler words, we let machines take on the repetitive tasks — such as cutting the wood pieces — and let our skilled craftspeople do what they do best: care for the details.

Our History

The Molina brothers — born in Argentina — discovered Islamic decorative arts while tracking the origins of their family in Andalucía, southern Spain. During their travels they fell in love with Islamic geometric design and devoted years to learning about it. They gathered a group of experts with the goal of reviving the art form and bringing it to the world in the form of architectural products.

The Designers

The Molina brothers are the creative masterminds behind the brand's designs and are joined by a select cast of internationally acclaimed artists — the likes of Jay Bonner , Eric Broug or Jean-Marc Castera — with their Signature Collections.