The Uniqueness of Our Wood Floors

Inimitable Design

The Molina brothers' hardwood floors are based on the most complex and intricate geometric patterns that have ever been produced. You will not see anything like them anywhere in the world. They truly are one-of-a-kind and represent a modern breakthrough in the form of art.

Works of Art

Our artistic parquet floors are not just hardwood floors. They are works of art that embody centuries-worth of tradition in a contemporary creation that takes Arabic patterns to a whole new level. They bring art to the living environment.

Designer Collections

Our floors are the creations of the most renowned geometric artists in the world.

Original Arabic Patterns

Our Islamic patterns are not a copy of drawings taken from some book or website. They are the creation of specialists. Nomad Inception is led by recognized experts in the field ensuring our designs respect every rule of the ancient art form. Our experts write books, give workshops and lectures on the subject.

World-class Craftsmanship

Our artisans hand-pick the best pieces of wood to insure the grain, color and texture matches the needs of the particular design and assemble the parquetry with skills passed on through generations.

Full Customization

You are free to decide on the color / wood combinations and create a composition that will be unique to your floor, at no extra cost, or chose from our extensive collection of designs.