The Value Behind Nomad Parquet

A Nomad Inception wood floor is a work of art. As such, it not only holds value for its performance as a floor, but also for its artistic significance.

Our parquet floors are the most complex in the world. Nomad Inception's creations require an elaborate mix of proprietary design and fabrication technology. In the case of the Al Andalus pattern no panel is the same as the next one. It is a puzzle of gigantic proportions. Creating a wood floor out of a design that never actually stops growing is a daunting engineering task.

A 10 x 10 meters installation may hold over thirty thousand pieces of solid wood arranged in only one possible way that solves the puzzle. Interlace lines run along the sides of each polygonal piece, interweaving with each other. Each line travels alternately above and below each line crossed and this rule is never broken all across the design.

Proprietary engineering innovations allow building such compositions without breaking the design with unsuitable grids of horizontal and vertical lines. The panels are made in irregular shapes that respect the shapes of the polygons required to create the geometric compositions.

The assembly of each panel is made by hand. Our craftspeople hand-pick each piece of wood and only the perfect ones get in the panel ensuring the grain, color and texture match the needs of the particular composition.

We use only the highest grade hardwoods coming from certified sustainable sources, European and Russian marine (WBP) 100% hardwoods plywood along with American adhesives with zero VOC emissions.