Wood Floors Designer Collections

Our floors combine the luxury of the finest precious hardwoods with Nomad Inception's unique ability to produce the most complex geometric patterns.

Unlike every other parquet floor in the world consisting of a repetition of square or rectangular tiles our exquisite designs feature rich and sophisticated compositions. Our hardwood floors are unique the world over, as we are the first and only company to have developed the technology necessary to produce such compositions without breaking the designs into horizontal and vertical lines, a fundamental feature that allows us to guarantee the integrity of the designs, showing the utmost respect for the artform.

Our parquetry creations are pieces of art: the modern expression of centuries' worth of tradition passed on through generations. They bear the load of time and embody the lost secrets of ancient artists, mathematicians and craftspeople... the mysteries of a civilization responsible for impressive scientific and technological progress along with exquisite art and literature.

A Nomad Inception floor imprints the living environment with character... it makes a statement. Luxury is in the details. Enjoy!